CO2 Sequestration Calculator

Advanced Sequester Calculator

Scientific Precision

To calculate a more precise value for carbon sequestration, we need a little more information. Please fill in the dropdown menus to the right - if you are unsure about the options, please select the values we recommend.

Yield Class Calculation

Determining the yield class of a particular species of tree for a particular location is straightforward. Please follow these steps:

  • Open in a separate window
  • Navigate to your planting location, either by grid reference or by zooming in on the map.
  • Select relevant area by clicking to leave a black circle on the map. Scroll down the page and locate your tree species on the newly appeared table. The yield class is found in the column titled “YC”.
  • Please note the result in the column titled “Suit” (suitability) and refer to the Suitability key. Tree species designated “Marginal” or “Unsuitable” are unlikely to be good choices.
  • Having determined the yield class for the species, please enter it into the advanced calculator on this website.

Compare Tree Species

To compare different tree species, please click the “plus” button and add the details of additional species - all of them will be displayed on the same plot.

Further Usage

You can compare how the same tree species performs in different soil and spacing. If you are unsure of the yield class you can select the same species twice; one with the max yield class and the other with the minimum to see the overall performance.

For more information, please go to Further Information